Middle School


Middle School is a critical time in a girl’s development and Baldwin is there to support her every step of the way. Our Middle School program offers ample opportunity to explore academic disciplines and the arts in depth.

Explorations in STEAM

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as resources for guiding inquiry and critical thinking. Middle School students focus on skill development including self-directed instruction, creativity, technological confidence, curiosity, communication and resilience.

Whether it’s in our DREAM Lab, on the stage, in math or science class, our STEAM education is a transition from a more concrete approach to a stronger emphasis on abstract thinking in problem-solving settings. Most important, our curriculum focuses on age-appropriate classroom discussions and hands-on activities that lead to a dynamic opportunity for independent thought and reasoning.


Middle School students further develop reading, writing and speaking skills while growing from concrete to more abstract thinkers.
  • English classes develop their literacy skills with individualized vocabulary building tools, oral presentation techniques and directed independent reading.
  • The goal of the Social Studies program is to broaden the girls’ understanding of the world and their place in it so courses employ a comparative approach as students study people from America as well as cultures from all over the world.
  • The Languages program offers a wide variety of experiences both through the courses, extracurricular activities and trips.

Experiential Learning

In the spring, students pause in their regular coursework to participate in Baldwin’s Wyss Interdisciplinary Institute. Each student participates in a single class that studies one advanced topic in depth with expert faculty from different fields. The non-traditional schedule and intensive focus stimulate creativity and fresh perspective.

Examples include:
  • "The Physics of Musical Instruments"
  • "Feminism and the Modern Middle Schooler"
  • "To Be or Not To Be... Poisoned"
For full course descriptions, click here.

Leadership and Character

During Middle School, students are building foundational content knowledge as well as developing and refining their social-emotional skills, including self-advocacy. A strong foundation in all of these areas will serve to support whatever pathway students choose to pursue in Upper School and beyond.

Opportunities to grow leadership abound in the Middle School. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves in terms of time management, organization, group dynamics and self-advocacy. In addition, students may take on named leadership positions as part of the Middle School’s grade, club, service and student government organizations.