Pre-K and Kindergarten


Baldwin’s Early Childhood program focuses on the whole girl and is based on the philosophy that play is the work of children.
Through play, a girl learns to negotiate social situations, begins to problem solve, utilizes her imagination, articulates her ideas and deals with feelings. Social skill development is vital to the early childhood years. Children have an opportunity to practice generosity, fairness, tolerance and understanding of others.
Our doors are always open for parents to participate in their daughter's early classroom experiences. Parents are welcome to come to school and share a special interest, lead the girls in a craft, be a guest reader or take part in a variety of other activities in the Early Childhood Center.

Explorations in STEAM

STEAM is an explorational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as resources for guiding inquiry and critical thinking. Our teachers lead our students in experiential, hands-on, collaborative projects in dedicated spaces on campus where they are encouraged to imagine and wonder over these disciplines.

Reading and Writing

Pre-K and Kindergarten girls are introduced to language arts through a multimodal approach of auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic learning. Differentiated instruction and small group work help each girl successfully grow her literacy toolkit.

Through various activities the girls are immersed in learning each of the letters and developing a strong foundation for further reading and writing skills.

The World Around Her

Baldwin's five core values of honesty, learning, responsibility, respect and compassion play a vital role in how we teach our girls - beginning in Pre-K - to be a good friend to each other and a good citizen of Baldwin, our community and the world that awaits them.

Young students are at an ideal age to learn a foreign language and to develop an appreciation for multiple cultures. Through their language program, girls are taught via activities such as songs, games and puppet shows.

Social and Emotional Growth

The girls have weekly lessons with our school counselor exploring topics like feelings, friendship and conflict resolution. Research shows that early social-emotional skill development is key to future success. Social-emotional learning teaches girls to manage their emotions, to have empathy for others, to mindfully solve problems, to make responsible decisions and to maintain healthy relationships.