Our community would like to share their experience of Baldwin with you. We invite you to listen to our student presentations below and read our parent testimonials.

Parent Testimonials

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  • Claudia Baldassano (P '18, '23)

    "There is no place like Baldwin - I cannot imagine you can find better and more committed faculty than Baldwin teachers."

    Initially, I chose Baldwin for my two daughters based on its reputation for academic excellence, in which Baldwin has far surpassed all of our expectations. However beyond that, Baldwin has given my daughters so much more. It has made them learners instead of memorizers, thinkers instead of robots, curious about their world not be self-limited. Baldwin has made them ask why and how… and it has done all this in the most welcoming and warm environment.
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  • Pat Weiser (P '24, '22)

    “Your daughters are going to grow up being confident, having a voice, knowing who she is and ready to go out into the world and make it a better place.”
    I'm connecting two memories or two moments in time. One was coming to Baldwin when our oldest daughter was four. My husband and I got a tour by one of the Lamplighters. She was a Baldwin high schooler and we were so impressed by her confidence, how she carried herself and interacted with others that we hoped that someday our daughters could be like that.
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  • Tom Bachrach (P '29, '31)

    “The number one thing for me is the all-girls aspect. I think there's a culture here that goes with the all-girls, but also the way they just specifically do it at Baldwin.”
    Initially we looked at a lot of schools for our two daughters and this felt like home for them. It was just a guttural reaction that this was the place I wanted my daughters to be. I didn't go to an all-girls school as it turns out, but my wife did. She started at an all-girls school, spent the first half of her education in that environment, then she went to coed. She was the only girl in her AP Physics there. She felt that she could have taken all the other girls from her all-girls experience and dropped them in there and the class would have been 50/50.
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  • Martha Ortiz (P '16)

    "At Baldwin, I see firsthand the value in an all-girls school."

    Baldwin represents the school environment I wish I had growing up. I was educated in a middle-of-the-road school system and I knew it early on. It took me years to get caught up to my college peers. Instead, I wanted my daughter to be challenged for the right reasons, not for lack of a good elementary or high school education.
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  • Howard Phillips (P '17)

    "I can't imagine a better preparation for our girls for their lives after Baldwin. Truly, a uniquely wonderful place."

    My daughter Katie went to public school from grades 1-7. As she progressed through middle school, it became apparent that she was not challenged at all by the work. We determined midway through 7th grade that we would find an appropriate school that suited her. We did some research and quickly knew that Baldwin would be the right place.
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  • Kevin Steele (P '22)

    “…that's a tribute to the faculty, the administration, that they are doing such a great job with welcoming people here and having kids that are doing extraordinary things.”
    One of the things that has struck me consistently in comparison with other schools is that I've seen a lot of forced diversity elsewhere, but it seems naturally diverse here in a number of different ways. I think that's a tribute to the faculty, the administration, that they're doing such a great job with welcoming people here and having kids that are doing extraordinary things.